be part of a NEW motion picture film!

 Kill Dress is the first in a series of  emotional suspense filled movie scripts that have been written or are in the final stages of being written that we are  looking to turn into motion picture films  or streaming content.


Films should not only be emotional and thought provoking but provide "edge of your seat" suspense filled entertainment. What do you think? Could a beautiful lady, wearing a sexy dress infused with ancient mystical scents bend the will of some men? You might be amazed at the answer!

Are you yearning to become an actor/actress? The Kill Dress and it’s sequels could possibly make your dream come true! We will be looking for individuals with the potential to become rising stars! Are you a fashion designer? Help us in developing a full line of Kill Dress clothing. Got a nose for smell? Assist us in enhancing the Kill Dress elixir so that the aroma is even more intense. Are you a wiz with social media? We are open to suggestions and new ideas!

Become part of the action! Currently we have lined up one Hollywood Production company willing to work on the first movie script once  funding is in place. Random drawings will be held so that our fans can participate in the first  film and others. Could you become the next big film or media content star? Future sequels are even more explosive as the power emanating from the Kill Dress becomes a world wide phenomenon! 

The initial film will focus on finding someone to play the lead role of Kim. Are you a diva? Are you sexy? Do you have the moxie and fortitude to wear the Kill Dress? Can you withstand the lust of men? The envy of women? The desires of a serial killer?

There are also other roles available. We will not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, age, gender, physical challenges, sexual orientation, etc. Selection for many of the other roles will be done via a random selection process. The goal is to have some of our fans work alongside existing stars! Go to the donate page now!

If you would like to donate and remain anonymous, go to the donate page now and let us know!

If you would like to donate and not participate in the film(s), go to the donate page now and let us know!

If you would like to donate on the behalf of someone else, go to the donate page now and let us know!

Through donations we are seeking to secure minimum funding of $15,000,000 or more for the first film. Minimum donations should be at least $10 usd or more. Go to the donate page now!

Also, for the first film we are going to share the profits with our fans who have sent in donations before the cutoff date. More information will be forthcoming on the sharing of any profits made.

Our goal is to get these films onto the big screen. If that is not possible then we will submit them as streaming content. We are devoted to our fans and look forward to meeting many of you as we watch the next generation of stars grow before our eyes! We would like to secure funding by the end of this year and start the character roles selection process the beginning of next year. SO SEND IN YOUR DONATIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Interested? Once you have sent in your donation(s), be sure to send your bio data to the email on this website. Or, you can use the Kill Dress social media sites to send us your profile. It’s all about your success because when you succeed so do we! Make sure that we have your contact information and how you would like for us to reach you. We will need to know especially if you are selected!


​Please be advised that there is NO GUARANTEE that the Kill Dress film(s) will be successful. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you and these films are widely received! Take this Leap of Faith with us! Also, keep in mind that everyone who sends in donations will not be selected.