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Ancient Curse

 April, Joi, Nancy, Heather and Kim are the best of friends. They are five beautiful and very attractive young ladies who love to hang out and party. After being dumped by her wealthy boyfriend, Kim is devastated and decides to accompany Joi on a vacation to Louisiana in order to relax and clear her mind. The two ladies soon discover an old woman whose ancestors made enchanted dress garments for Egyptian Royalty.



From ancient times a secret society of female raiment makers used mysterious herbs and materials along with special religious rites to create incredibly woven dress garments for women royalty. Upon pain of death these secrets could never be revealed. Ancient queens used these garments along with their female charms to seduce men in order to get them to do their bidding. 

After Kim had a gorgeous dress made for her by the old woman. She and her friends find out that the sexy enchanted dress was more than they had bargained for. This amazing dress was affecting the sexual senses of a number of men to the point that they all desired and wanted her. So powerful is the allure of the Kill Dress that it even aroused the demented senses of a serial killer. Just as the Kill Dress had consumed Kim, it also consumed the serial killer to the point that his murders have now become more and more brutal. To the serial killer, Kim had to die at all costs! She must die!

A titantic clash of wills! Worlds will collide when the immoveable object meets the irresistible force! Who would dare to wear the Kill Dress? Would you? The first in a series of edge of your seat motion picture films!


Kill Dress

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